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Why Valorant is the Next Big Thing In Esports?

Valorant is a free to play first person shooting game developed and published by Riot games.It’s first teased came under the name Project A in october 2019.

The game started with a beta version with the limited access and then came after with the official release on June 2 2020.Valorant is a first-person shooter
that relies heavily on teamwork. It can be compared to Counter-Strike as the game shares many similarities, like Gun Recoil and maps.

The Game is split into 3 regions


It is an exciting games with not only with shooting skills but also with the ability which you can use in the game.In a very short period of time the game become very popular all over the world as the riot managed to provide servers in all the regions.

In Valorant there are different characters and different role in the game. Different roles such as:-

Within the game, agents are broken down into four general roles: Sentinels, Controllers,  Initiators & Duelists.

These roles are then broken down into more specialised positions such as Support, In game Leader, Entry Fragger, Lurker, Recon, and Crowd Control. Each role is defined by the abilities the agent brings to the match.

Sentinels - Support and In-Game Leader

Sentinels are defensive experts that have abilities that manipulate the battlefield, lock-down areas of contention and provide utility such as healing. There are currently three Sentinels in VALORANT: Cypher; Killjoy; and Sage.

Sentinels will either move around the map to gather more information or when defending, be an anchor on a bombsite with the goal to slow down opponents so that teammates have enough time to provide assistance.

Controllers - Secondary Entry Fragger and Lurker

Controllers are experts at controlling the battlefield by the use of smoke screens. Their abilities aim to disrupt their opponents’ sightlines whilst providing cover for teammates as they take control of an area.

There are currently four controllers in VALORANT: Astra; Brimstone; Omen; and Viper.

As mentioned previously, the primary responsibility for Controllers is the ability to control sightlines on a map, this is important in VALORANT because it narrows down the possibilities an enemy has to engage a teammate from a favourable position.

Duelist - Entry Fragger

Duelists are the offensive experts in VALORANT with abilities that allow them to be aggressive and self-sufficient when creating opportunities to engage with opponents.
There are currently five Duelists in the game: Jett; Phoenix; Raze; Reyna; and Yoru.

Duelists are expected by their teammates to be proactive and are the stars within the team that garner the most amount of kills. They will typically fulfil the role of Entry Fragger, being the first person to enter an area of the map in contention and perform high-risk, high-reward actions to gain an advantage.

Initiators - Recon and Crowd Control

Initiators excel at gathering information and controlling the movements of opponents through the use of their abilities.

There are four Initiators in VALORANT: Sova; Skye; Breach and KAY/O.
Sova and Skye rely on their abilities to perform reconnaissance in an area while Breach and KAY/O specialise in disrupting enemies in their path through the use of their crowd control abilities.