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Ranked Smurf Accounts

-74% global-elite-non-prime
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How does CS2 Accounts work?

To steam CS2, the players would need to connect the least expensive Smurf Accounts with a legitimate telephone number. The clients can either have a free permit to buy the Prime status or can play until they have arrived at the individual level position of 21.

This reduces the probability of you getting cheated or hacked while playing the game. You can even earn XP if you continue with the competitive matchmaking system. Also, only on reaching Private Rank 2, you could enjoy the competition. To achieve this Rank 2, you would have to win the Casual mode games.

Types of CS2 Accounts

Apart from the prime accounts, you can likewise get CS2 Non-Prime Accounts. These Smurf accounts permit its clients to get the opportunity to play a multiplayer shooter game that has numerous modes.

There are numerous sites where you can Buy CS2 Smurf Accounts , but none has exclusive deals and sale offers when you  Buy CS2 Prime Accounts  like . Every one of these accounts comes at cheap cost and instant delivery.

Player Csgo Accounts

What All You Need to Know About CS2 Accounts

Web based Games are something that can be exceptionally addictive and can keep you snared throughout the day

There are different web-based games that you can either buy or play for free on CS2 Smurfs gaming accounts. Nobody can deny that these games are awesome. These days, internet games have become a great deal.

There are a ton of gaming sites where you will experience games that you can appreciate playing. With such a large number of classes of games on the web, you would get an opportunity to pick your gathering and go totally insane over it.

CS2 is one such type of game that one can learn very quickly and easy to play. It is a multiplayer shooting game. To play CS2 you need to have a  steam account and download it for free or you can buy a Prime account as well.

How to Buy CS2 Accounts

ProCSGOAccounts is the best site for buying CSGO Prime or Non-Prime accounts with great deals and offers that can get you a CSGO account at a very cheap price. Accounts at ProCSGOAccounts guarantee genuine accounts, that uses no hacks or any other illegal method to play a account. We also ensure instant delivery of the smurf accounts, along with 24*7 chat support to give you the best experience while buying.

Prime CS2 Accounts

Earlier, CSGO was not a Free to play game, which meant one would have to buy the game with money. Later, on December 6, 2018 valve decided to make the game free on steam. But those who had bought the game earlier were given a loyalty badge to their account. Loyalty badge also meant the account are Prime accounts. 

The advantage of  a prime account is that, it has better matchmaking and also ensure 100% clean accounts. It helps greatly because the teammates are more co-operative and less like to forfeit a game midway. Hence, it gives a very good overall experience while playing the game.

Currently, to get a prime account you would have to either pay to the steam for upgrade of the account or you would have to play games in non-prime account and when it reaches Level 21. It takes a lot of time and effort to reach Level 21 in CSGO. Here, we ProCSGOAccounts come in handy to get you Prime and Non-Prime accounts at a very cheap price

Benefits of having a Prime account:

  •  High level ranking
  • Match only with Prime players
  • Exclusive Inventory
  • Access to all community Operated servers.

Global Elite CS2 Accounts

In CSGO ranking system, Global Elite accounts are the most prestigious one. The matchmaking, gameplay and experience is the best you can enjoy. Get your Global Elite accounts now from ProCSGOAccounts at an affordable rate and jumpstart your journey to be the best by playing with the best in game. Alternatively you can also look for other ranked accounts in CSGO from our platform.

What are CS2 smurf accounts?

CSGO smurf accounts are the ones when a Higher ranked player, creates another account and play with lower ranked player. In a multiplayer game like CS2, the player can buy a CS2 smurf account and enjoy playing with lower ranked player, where they can dominate. Smurf accounts allow a player to check or sharpen their skill or strategy by playing with lower ranked players. It also greatly helps in boosting the confidence level of player.

Benefits of CSGO Smurf Accounts:

  •  Matchmaking with lower ranked players
  • Try your skills and strategies in these account
  • It comes at a very cheap price

Where to Buy CS2 Prime accounts or Buy CS2 Smurf accounts?

Even though you can find many websites from where you can buy CS2 Prime accounts and CS2 Smurf accounts, but the problem either they are very expensive or not a genuine account. At ProCSGOAccounts, we guarantee best quality accounts at a very cheap price. The accounts are trustworthy and no hacks has been used to level up. Also ProCSGOAccounts assures you of instant delivery of product and with a free 24*7 chat support, it’s a complete win-win situation for you. So why wait, just jumpstart right now.

How to Buy CS2 Prime and Smurf Accounts from ProCSGOAccounts?

Here are the detailed steps explained to you in simple way:

  •  To buy a CS2 Prime Account , visit the PRIME ACCOUNTS page.
  • You would be able to see different levels of Prime Account, Choose the one that suits you best. Just click on Add to Cart button.
  • Now go to the ORDER page, and click on proceed to buy.
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  • Choose a payment gateway and confirm your payment.
  • After completion of payment, the CS2 account details will be instantly sent to your Email.
That’s it. Simple.

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